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AC Lens Review

For all you contact lens wearers out there, today we are interviewing Bob Drumm from www.aclens.com.

CS: Hi Bob.  Thanks for talking with us. What is it that makes aclens.com one of the premier contact lens sites online today?

Bob:  Well, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years and become one of the leading resources for low prices, award winning  customer service and extensive health information.  We carry all major brands of contact lenses including Acuvue, Focus, Biomedics,  Freshlook, Purevision, Soflens and are able to offer our customers up to 70% off of retail prices. We have over one million lenses in stock, so there’s a good chance AC Lens has the exact contact lenses to fit anyone’s needs.

CS:  Who founded your company and when?

Bob: Dr. Peter Clarkson, MD, PhD (President & CEO) founded AC Lens in 1995.  His vision was to provide high-quality contact lens replacement services.

CS: What are some new features your site has to offer?

Bob: The new re-design of aclens.com launched October 6th 2008.  It displays our discounted prices more clearly and provides easy access to rebate offers for even more savings for our customers.

We want new customers to be confident that we are here for them if needed, so our new design highlights our customer service awards — including the only contact lens retailer awarded “Platinum Support” by BizRate.com.

The new design also makes customer feedback more prominent through our contact lens forums, user product reviews or corporate blog, etc.

CS: That sounds great.  What advice would you give someone shopping for lens replacement services for the first time online?

Bob: aclens.com is designed to be very upfront about everything.  If you shop elsewhere:

- Be careful you don’t get hit with hidden fees which are common on some sites.

- Be sure to add up shopping cart totals to avoid paying more than you expected.

- Watch out for unannounced handling fees in the checkout process.

CS:  Thanks very much for your time Bob.  I’m sure our readers appreciate it as well.

Bob:  My pleasure.

Website:  www.aclens.com

Customer Satisfaction History:
A comprehensive review of the company’s history shows AC Lens to have an excellent record and very few complaints.  We found no pattern of consumer scam or fraud.  If you have had a personal experience with this company, please rate it below.

Waterpik.com Review

WaterPik LogoWhat does a company do when it has a dated, difficult-to-navigate website? It can do what Water Pik, Inc. did: develop an intuitive, educational and attractive website designed with the customer/user in mind.

The new Water Pik, Inc. website (www.waterpik.com) represents Water Pik’s strategic goal to be a company focused on innovation, health, and sustainability.  Featured products include the Waterpik® Ultra dental water jet and the EcoFlow™ water saving shower head.  Content on the site is designed first to educate the consumer on a wide range of subjects from gingivitis and gum disease to water use and drought.

The site is also intended to help consumers make informed decisions about their purchase of Waterpik® brand products.  Instinctive navigation, detailed product descriptions and comparisons, educational video, micro sites, and university and government research information all support the consumer in choosing the product right for their needs. 

WaterPik.com Screenshot

Waterpik.com presents the customer with the choice of purchasing products directly from the Water Pik, Inc. Web Store or downloading coupons and retail locator information for those who prefer to shop at traditional retail outlets.

The newly designed Water Pik website… designed with the customer in mind.