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CafePress Review

CafePress is the leader in user-generated e-commerce. They sell t-shirts, gifts for the home, as well as other printable merchandise. The real kicker is that they don’t design the merchandise… their community of over 6.5M users do.  And every time CafePress sells a product, the users make money.  It’s called “User-Generated Commerce“, and CafePress is the market leader.  With the world’s largest collection of user-designed products, you can find merchandise on just about any subject imaginable.

The site has recently been upgraded to improve user experience even further with enhanced search features.

CafePress recommends that consumers comparison shop when in the market for user-generated products.  Compare the breadth of products and designs available on other user sites and see for yourself that CafePress offers more than any of their competitors.

Customer Satisfaction History:

A comprehensive review of the company history shows CafePress to have an excellent record and very few complaints.  We found no pattern of consumer scam or fraud.  If you have had a personal experience with this company, please rate it below.

Overall Rating: Excellent
Site Ease-of-Use: Excellent
Quality of Product: Very Good
Shipping / Delivery: Excellent

Website: www.cafepress.com