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Diet.com Review

If you are looking for a diet, nutrition or health solution, you may want to consider Diet.com.  They provide solutions through free tips, healthy recipes, and customized weight loss programs.

We recently had an opportunity to ask Meredith at Diet.com a few questions…

What was the inspiration to create Diet.com?

Diet.com is a next generation online weight loss community, providing dieters and health-conscious consumers with diet and fitness solutions using the latest media.

What makes Diet.com different from other online diet plans?

A personalized approach combined with the latest online media like podcasts, online video and text messaging services, and a unique online support community make Diet.com a leader in the online fitness and wellness industry.
What are some of the new features being introduced at Diet.com?

Diet.com strives to be the best in the online fitness and wellness industry. We are continually evolving all of our services including updating our text message service with new restaurants and menu items and adding new and specialized experts to our team. Our meal tracker is a great tool for those who are tracking food intake and we will be making it even easier to access and use before New Year’s Resolution season!

Any advice for someone comparing different weight loss programs?

Look for quality experts who have credentials and not just a title. “Experts” within the online health industry can hide behind a title, both book or professional.  Also make sure to check out the comments from users to get a good feel for the services you are paying for.

Website: www.diet.com

Overall Rating: Very Good
Products:  Very Good         
Community:  Very Good         
Tools:  Very Good         
Ease of Use:  Very Good

Customer Satisfaction History: 

A comprehensive review of the company’s history shows Diet.com to have an excellent record and few complaints.  We found no evidence of widespread consumer complaints, scam or fraud.  If you have had a personal experience with this company, please rate it or comment below.