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Auto Parts Warehouse Review

Auto Parts Warehouse LogoFast and reliable service is what customers want to experience whenever they shop online. Since most of these customers are pressed for time, it’s important for them to get the information they need to help them transact and purchase as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aside from having their orders processed quickly, these customers also expect the same efficiency when it comes to having these items shipped and if needed, replaced. It’s this brand of service that Auto Parts Warehouse prides itself in providing its customers.

Founded in 1995, Auto Parts Warehouse has since carved its way into becoming the country’s top Internet direct marketer specializing in the distribution and selling of automotive aftermarket replacement parts and accessories. It’s considered one of the most established wholesalers online and is responsible for providing more than 550,000 discounted aftermarket auto parts to both online consumers and auto body shops in the Southern California region and carries a total of 26,000 parts numbers and over 75,000 product applications depending on a vehicle’s model, make and year. This vast selection of automotive parts has allowed Auto Parts Warehouse to achieve two unique distinctions. The first is being one of the online stores that garnered the most number of visitors in one month, a record it achieved in the month of March 2005 when it was able to receive more than three million online visitors. With the exception of eBay, this achievement still stands as the highest recorded in the industry. The second is being ranked first among all online car part retailers in this year’s 2008 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

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Aside from addressing its customers’ demands for automotive parts and accessories, Auto Parts Warehouse has also worked on improving how it services its customers. One of the things it’s done is to develop an efficient and reliable ordering service called the Parts Ordering System or POS. With the help of this system, the company is able to manage and receive reports pertaining to customer information, sales, accounts receivables, and inventory; making it easier to transmit and manage the flow of information coming in. On top of having a system that helps improve the transmission of information to make the process of ordering more efficient, Auto Parts Warehouse also provides customers with alternative modes of payment, big discounts, and email promos to help make it light on their pockets. Installment payment via the Bill Me Later program and the waiving of shipping fees for orders above $50 dollars are just some of the incentives provided to help make purchasing easy and convenient.

With a commitment to providing stellar online service in place, Auto Parts Warehouse’s goal is to keep on providing its customers with the automotive parts and accessories that they deserve and maintain its stance as one of the most trusted and reliable online auto parts wholesalers today.

AutoPartsWarehouse.com is one of several auto parts sites owned by the same company.

They do a tremendous amount of business and have been challenged to address a number of customer service issues (although the overall frequency of complaints seems to be slowing down.)

Website: www.AutoPartsWarehouse.com

Overall: Good
Price: Good  
Shipping/Delivery: Fair
Website Ease of Use: Good
Customer Service: Fair

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