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The HTML Writers Guild
The Guild is the first and largest international association of web site design and web master developers.


Web Design
ImagiNET Ventures is a web design company based in Chennai, India. Our services include web designing, web application development and logo design.


Web development by Jeff Spicher
Our proficiency in graphic design as well as programming means you'll never have to suffer functionality for aesthetics on your web site when you hire Coastal Web Innovations.


Create a Website
Create and build a website today.


Premium Web Services
Premium web services for any budget. Specializing in website design, development, domains, hosting, graphics and Internet marketing.


Website Design
Website design and website development company specializing in great service at affordable website design prices. Our web developers work hard for you.


Driving School Web Templates
Providing web sites for driving schools.


Professional Website Design
Prateeksha Web Design is professional website designing company that provides custom Joomla template design, ECommerce development and Virtuemart shopping carts.

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Site Design 101

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a website is to clearly defined your objectives (the purpose of the website) and create a user experience which leads them to those objectives.

If your site is ecommerce, make sure there is a quick and easy way to navigate to the desired product, review information and purchase securely. If your website is informational in nature, make it flow naturally and guide visitors to the resource on your site that best suits their needs.

Keep your content on topic, using short sentences and paragraphs. Write like you speak. Not only is it easier to understand, but people will trust you more when they feel like you are talking to them directly -- and not just to a general audience.

As people become more and more familiar with the Internet, they develop certain preconceptions. They are more inclined to make snap judgments based on the way your site looks. Much like the real world, first impressions are often the most important. Keep your design clean and professional with concise content and it will be much better received than a competitor who tries to make their site “all things to all people”.

Be sure to use a font that is easy to read. Avoid using more than three different font types. Keep the colors dark and large enough to read comfortably and do not type in ALL CAPS. This is the equivalent of screaming online.

Photos, graphics and other images are terrific for dressing up a page and the right one really can “speak a thousand words”. Just remember to keep them professional, complementing your theme and above all... avoid a cluttered look.

Things to avoid:

1) Anything that may turns your target audience off: Pretend you are fishing. Do you want to use a fishing lure which looks good to you... or one that appeals to the fish?

2) Music in the background: Unless you are promoting your own band, most visitors will find this annoying and anyone still on dial-up will probably leave long before your page loads.

3) Pop-up windows of any kind: It may work in the short run, but if you want to develop a favorable reputation and traffic from word-of-mouth... don’t frustrate your users with extra steps. Besides, most search engines don’t like pop-ups either.

4) Oversized or tiny text: Again, you want to create a welcoming environment for you visitors. Don’t make them uncomfortable and they’ll be more inclined to like you and your service.

The bottom line: Your website is the face of your organization. Make it inviting and trustworthy and visitors will respond accordingly. Make it confusing and unprofessional, not only will you lose visitors... you will lose your reputation as well. Take your time and do it right. The Internet is here to stay.

About the Author: Ken Watson is the lead designer for Premium Web Services, a web services company based in Delaware. If you have questions or need help with website design, please call us at (302) 838-4232 or email through our website.

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