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From Wikipedia: Price Comparison Service - History, Technology and Business Models

Many consider comparison-shopping to be the essence of the Internet. Search engines and social networking sites (the most utilized resources online today) display information based on simple queries. It is up to the user to determine which result(s) best suit their needs. In other words... they comparison shop.

Comparison shopping sites were initially limited to retail products, however, aggregators soon cropped up in some of the larger service related industries such as Travel, Auto Insurance and Mortgages. In recent years, "Niche" comparison shopping engines have appeared across the spectrum of services; including VOIP, Cell Phones, Event Ticketing, Dental Insurance, Student Loans, Prescription Drugs and Satellite TV providers... just to name a few.

Regardless of the product or service, CSE's provide a quick and easy way to funnel massive options down to the single best choice.

Although price is by far the main reason people comparison shop, ratings and reviews of both the product and seller assist consumers in making better educated decisions.

Definitions: To compare prices and quality of merchandise in (competing stores) to determine the best value. Comparison Shopping is shopping a variety of retailers for pricing, service, and / or merchandise. To shop for bargains by comparing the prices of competing brands or stores.

aka: Comparative Shopping, Shopping Comparison, Price Engine

Related: Prices, Reviews, Ratings

History: Comparison Shopping

Currrent CSE Leader List:,,, Yahoo Shopping, NexTag, PriceGrabber, MSN Shopping, Smarter, Become, Google Products (Froogle)

Consumer advisers suggest visiting several of these sites to locate the best bargain. Instead of browsing to them one at a time and repeatedly typing in the item, you may want to consider using our sister site - It will give you access to results of the 10 best price comparison engines from one page. Regardless, effective online comparative shopping will save you both time and money.

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