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This is possibly the easiest affiliate sale ever. Something that every website owner wants and needs. All you do is refer them to get their website featured in for free -- and we take it from there. No need to "pre-sell" people on why they should buy some new software, technology or eBook. Visitors to our sites come with anticipation about what’s in it for them -- and not dread about how much it is going to cost. and have teamed up to develop the most comprehensive comparison shopping network in the history of the Internet... and want to partner with you.

That means with 10,000,000 websites offering products and services online today – each one of them is now an opportunity for you to make over $10 a pop!

The best part is you will be offering something that every website owner wants and needs… Exposure, Links and Traffic from reputable sources – all for FREE.

Each person you refer will be grateful that you introduced
them to the service… and with over 10% upgrading to a paid
membership, you’ll make easy money at the same time.

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How do you make money?

We give everyone who adds their free listing an opportunity to upgrade to a Premium Membership at a fraction of the regular rate. It is a one-time offer and hard to pass up. As of this writing, the offer is a Lifetime Membership for $19.95 (discounted from $99.00) or they have the option to pay a measly recurring charge of $6.00 per year instead. Either way, you – as the referring affiliate – get up to a 75% commission. The first option obviously generates a nice lump sum, but the second can actually end up paying more in the long run as you build up a residual income for the life of each customer.

What makes this oppportunity so unique?

The important thing to remember is that Comparison Shopping is the essence of the Internet. It is one of the main things people do online...

Comparing Products/Services and Finding
the Best Ways to Save or Make Money

When webmasters and online merchants enter to add their site, they quickly realize the value (it is free after all) and the sense of urgency kicks in because listings are placed in each category on a first-come, first-served basis.

As soon as they hit the submit button, we present them
with strong incentives to upgrade to a paid membership
and you earn up to a 75% commission!

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Don’t miss out!
We provide a variety of marketing tools all embedded with your affiliate link, a toll-free hotline to call for support and real time statistics to track your traffic and sales. Most importantly, YOU ARE IN AT THE BEGINNING of a rock solid opportunity.

Again… for those who see the potential and take action today - this is a HUGE opportunity. We have a team of experts and considerable financial backing in place to revolutionize the way people shop online. Our brand new proprietary logic for the network is nearing completion and will be launched in the coming months along with a first-class, SEO friendly redesign.

Success Secret #1: Anticipate a Trend and Position Yourself Accordingly

If you see the opportunity, add you site today and position yourself
to reap the rewards by joining our team as an affiliate.


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