HostMySite.comHostMySite has been a pioneer of quality web hosting services since it began in 1997. It is most well known for exceptional customer support that is unmatched in the hosting industry. Employing more than 250 employees, each receives extensive technical and customer service training which is the hallmark of this remarkable company. HostMySite owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities and datacenters in Newark, Delaware. With over 65,000 websites on thousands of servers, technicians are on-site 24×7 to monitor and address any issues immediately.

HostMySite has won numerous industry awards and been listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America. They attribute their impressive growth largely to strong word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

What makes HostMySite exceptional is the 24 hour phone support that consistently answers in 3 rings or less… any day of the year.

We were hard pressed to find negative reviews anywhere online. Prices are slightly higher in general, but only in comparison to sites that offer inferior customer service. Virtually every comment we found was positive and ratings across the board are high.

The company was recently acquired by Wachovia Capital Partners (WCP) with founder Lou Honick staying on board as Chief Strategy Officer.

We give our highest rating for web hosting services and recommend you consider them for all your hosting needs.

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