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Offering a full line of non-lethal self defense security weapons. Also home surveillance equipment and security systems.


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Find best buys on Mace pepper spray, Stunmaster stun guns and M-18 tasers. Choose from name brands like Runt stun gun, pepper spray ring and C2 Taser.


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National security service provides security guards for short or long term assignments.

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Protect Yourself with Personal Defense Products

Crime is rising. Desperate young people wanting drugs seem to be able to do anything to get their hands on a few extra dollars. Your odds of becoming a crime victim are escalating. What to do?

One way to help even the score is to arm yourself and your adult loved ones with non-lethal weapons. Below are the principle means of personal self-defense:

Pepper Spray

Police and security guards have pepper spray in their arsenal to use at a moment's notice when a wrongdoer becomes hostile. Pepper spray is known as OC (Oleoresin Capsicum, a hot pepper extract). It's ideal for individuals for self-defense. You can choose among sprays, gels foams and foggers. Most containers are small canisters with a push top. Sizes range from 4 to 67 grams. A spray toward the head will cause tearing and a stinging sensation. It will incapacitate an assailant for at least a minute and that's enough time to get away.

Mace was once synonymous with tear gas. But today Mace is a brand name that sells OC pepper spray units to law enforcement and consumers.

Stun Guns

This small hand-held device emits an electrical charge. High in volts but low in amperage, it causes the perpetrator to go down and stay down long enough for you to run away. The attacker will be in discomfort but that's just the pain of muscles in contraction. In several minutes all will return to normal, but you will be long gone.

You can purchase various voltages from 80,000 volts up to 900,000 volts. They come with a safety switch and wrist strap and operate on 9-volt batteries. Stun guns come in a dazzling array of styles. The cell phone stun gun remains popular; no one will know but you that your cell phone (non-functional) is actually a stun gun. Batons are also big sellers. The end is the stun end but the baton itself can be used like a nightstick. Newer models double as a flashlight.


Tasers have been in the news of late. Despite the sensational stories, the Taser has gained widespread acceptance among police departments throughout most of the world. Like any police restraining method, these should be used when appropriate and should not replace other good non-lethal security procedures.

A Taser is a type of gun that when activated will quickly project two jagged spurs each tethered to a thin electrical line. These will attach on the clothing of an assailant and cause that person to go down. The restraining method is similar to a stun gun although more sophisticated and effective. The gun transmits electrical pulses through the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. It has the advantage of distance; you can be 15 feet away from the attacker and still get off your shot. With a stun gun, you must be in contact with the person.

Studies have shown the Taser to be safe when used as directed. There have been some police reports of deaths after Taser use, but follow-up studies found underlying medical reasons for most of the fatalities. These devices must be respected. They should be used and not abused.

The consumer public has responded well to the latest Taser model, the C2. These colorful and compact models are lightweight and fit easily into even small hands. The price is lower than the professional models but the effectiveness has not been compromised.

For those who are not ready or unwilling to carry a firearm, one of these non-lethal devices might fit the bill. Remember, it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. It's inexpensive peace-of-mind and who doesn't need more of that in today's world?

*These items are meant for adults. Keep out of the reach of children.

About the Author: Gene Brenner oversees Stun Gun Supply, an online supermarket of personal defense items with a wide variety of pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers.

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