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The Importance of a Well Planned and Organized Kitchen

I recently went to see the play "Wicked". It had great singing, was well scripted and was thought provoking. And, like most people, I have trouble leaving work at work. A thought that crept into my brain was they had some really bad storage and organization for all the witches-brew ingredients. What are the odds that somebody would come to complain about the set design in that way? My colleagues think I should have my head examined, but before I go, I offer this about the importance of a well planned and organized kitchen.

Appetizer: Drawer Dividers

How many times have you gone to your utensil drawer and pulled it out only to find that it is stuck? It pulls out, but only by inches. It is because something is stuck in the drawer and has popped up high enough to snag the drawer from above. Maddening - you bet! Usually, the item snaps and breaks, or you end up playing the "drawer shimmy" game until the offending piece drops just enough to dislodge itself. All things considered, if you have the proper place for bigger items in the drawer, you will not be locked out of the drawer. There are numerous options available. From wood (bamboo or beech) and white plastic expandable, to clear acrylic and molded plastic, you have many styles to choose from. The measurements of the drawer and the items being stored will help determine which is best for you.

Intermezzo: Pantry Door & Wall Organizing

To say there are hundreds of different organizers for on the door or wall would be an understatement. It used to be all you could get were vinyl-coated wire organizers that would mount with screws onto whatever surface you had available. Now, there are chrome, epoxy-coated and adjustable spine organizers at your disposal. All of them have a specific purpose, from organizing lids to storing spices, with great options for every use, need, space and price range.

Main Course: Cabinet Pullouts

Yes...the bane of kitchen existence. To be able to get to items in a base cabinet without having to remove everything in front of them is the ultimate goal. There are more companies than ever producing well-made, attractive, multi-functional pullouts. Whether you like chrome, white epoxy or wood, they are great solutions to organizing base cabinets. Make sure to take accurate measurements when heading to the store. You can avoid most obstacles by taking accurate measurements and knowing what will be stored in your pullout. You will be pleasantly surprised by the selection of comfortably sized, well-priced options open to you when selecting cabinet pullouts.

Dessert: Trash and Recycle Bins

I saved the best for last. After any good meal, you have to clean up. Remember what I said about accurate measurements? Well, the number one reason why a product is returned to my company is inaccurate measurements... the item just did not fit. When selecting a trash can or recycling bin for under the sink, remember to take accurate measurements and take into account the pipes, wires, cabinet molding, depth, etc... Consumers used to be limited in choice of product. Today, you can select from a wide variety of trashcans and recycling bins to fit any space, even narrow openings. Make sure the unit you purchase has full-extension glides and takes a normal-sized garbage bag, not one the company makes for the model. If they ever discontinue that model, you will be out of luck.

Having a well organized kitchen can reduce stress and frustration when cooking any meal. I think the witch in "Wicked" may not have been so wicked if only she could have found her eye-of-newt easier.

About the Author: Howard Freedland is the owner of Space Organizers, Inc. in Juno Beach, Florida. Storage and organizing products for every room in your home or office. - (561) 694-8611

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