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RingCentral LogoRingCentral Hosted Business Phone Systems help small businesses, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals develop and maintain a more professional image by combining toll free and local numbers with advanced call management features. Other providers offer virtual PBX, Internet fax and some limited call management capabilities, but RingCentral is the only provider to offer complete solutions for end-to-end business telecommunications, including multiple extensions, auto-receptionist, live call forwarding, on-hold music and messaging, dial-by-name directory and VoIP as a value-added service. With all the power and functionality of an enterprise phone system—but without expensive hardware to buy or maintain—RingCentral service allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best: growing their business. Website: www.RingCentral.com


Customer Satisfaction History:

A comprehensive Internet search of the company history shows RingCentral, Inc to have an excellent record and very few complaints.

BBB Accredited business since August 2004. There have been minimal issues brought to the attention of the BBB. All were resolved.

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#1 evan1138 on 10.08.08 at 11:35 am

BUSINESSES BEWARE: Here’s a complaint about RingCentral: About 6 weeks into our fax-to-email service we got a call from a customer of ours telling us they couldn’t send us a fax since our fax number was saying (in voice) “this mailbox is full”. After some call-and-hold with RC — the online chat didn’t work since I’m on a Mac with Firefox and Safari, but RC’s chat required IE — a support person guided me to a check box in our RingCentral preferences that needed to be checked in order to delete faxes once they were sent to our email address; otherwise, the mailbox just filled up and started saying “Sorry, Full”. But there was only sparse indication about this checkbox anywhere on the website, as confirmed by RC tech support who at my urging looked themselves. In fact, the best indication of this “Sorry, Full” pitfall was in a FAQ where you had to first look for the question “Why… Mailbox Full?” and then understand that the answer also applied to faxes. So for 3+ days we were presumably missing faxes. Maybe a couple of thousand dollars worth on average, plus appearing incompetent to our customers.

And to top off this wedding cake, the RC system DOES NOT email you when your fax email is dumping faxes. It’s up to you to go to the site and check.

But seriously: Who gets faxes anyway? BUSINESSES, of course. So it’s safe to say RC is primarily oriented toward non-business users.

Up until today, I had high satisfaction with RC, and they were saving us lots of money untethering us from our fax. But now it’s time to look elsewhere, since I don’t know where the next pitfall is waiting.

On the plus side, their tech support folks on voice were not dismissive of the issue, and I could hear in their voices that they’d heard this one before. Or maybe that’s not such a plus; it just wasn’t as frustrating as it might have been.


#2 Adam Smith on 02.09.10 at 5:47 pm

Hi – I tried almost all systems out there.

Finally, I settled with PBX Plus. It works with my Skype, offers free speech recognition,

voicemail and voicemail transcription, unlimited extensions and sub-extensions etc.

For a limited time, they are also offering a free PBX in US and UK. (http://invox.com)

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