1and1.com Review

If you are in the market for hosting services, you may want to pay attention.  We’re talking with Jesse at 1and1.com.

CS:  Jesse, thanks for spending a few minutes with us today.

Jesse:  Glad to be with you.

CS:  Tell us a little about 1and1.com and why people need hosting.

Jesse: We are a premier web hosting company which provides the tools necessary for consumers to build their professional web presence.

CS: What makes you different from other web hosting companies.

Jesse: We are the world’s largest web hosting company with over 7.7 million customers across the globe. 1&1 is known as THE one-stop-shop for hosting because we offer affordable all-inclusive packages. Our goal is to provide ambitious private users – as well as small businesses – all the elements needed for running a successful website.

CS:  What are some new features and services available through 1and1.com?

Jesse: We have launched a new line of premium dedicated servers as well as a value range of servers. The new Premium Server Range combines latest AMD processors, RAID and huge disk space. 1&1’s latest Value Server range greatly expands upon 1&1’s own concept of providing a low cost server solution for less demanding users. The value servers are priced from only $69.99/month, and boast AMD processors, RAID1 and disk space ranging from 160GB to 500GB. Value servers are an excellent, cost effective option for uses such as back-up and email servers, game servers, large traffic websites and online forums.

CS: That sounds great.  What advice you would give to people considering a webhosting company to fill their needs?

Jesse: Many people today are looking at green aspects when making any purchasing decision, and 1&1 recently became the first globally green web hosting company. 100% of the energy used at the data centers is offset by purchasing renewable energy credits. 1&1 is dedicated to taking responsibility and is happy to join the green movement

CS: Obviously, 1and1 is a leader in hosting.  Anything else you care to share with people considering using your services?

Jesse: Absolutely, 1&1 is always running specials, adding new features and improving products, so you can always find something new.

CS: Will do Jesse.  Thanks for your time.

Jesse: You bet.

Website:  www.1and1.com

Customer Satisfaction History:
A comprehensive review of the company history shows 1&1 to have an excellent record and very few complaints.  We found no pattern of consumer scam or fraud.  If you have had a personal experience with this company, please rate it below.

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